FURNATURE is extracted from the work of a series of installations called ‘Archinatures’– an on-going research through open source design processes in order to create sustainable surroundings for people to live in are created.


– ‘Archinature’ – installation Pecci museum Florence 2012 in the exhibition ‘Triggering Reality’

– ‘Nestionia’ – nest installations in Tartu as part of a landscape art festival 2007

– ‘Nest’ – main project in DORP, innovation camp for festival “Welcome to Village 2015, Leeuwarden”

– ‘Smack bang’ – palletscape, 2010, Helsingborg

– ‘Subscape’ – idea camp, September 2015, Subtopia, Stockholm


Main project at the festival" Welcome to the Village 2015” Leeuwarden.


Idea camp at Subtopia in Stockholm , September 2015.

FURNATURE © Alex van de Beld 2016