Furnature explores future grounds for a more healthy relation between mankind and material

– an initial series of wooden design objects are as much handmade as they are shaped by nature.


In collaboration with Martin and Mattias Ravani,

boatbuilders of wooden ships in Nyhamnsläge’s Båtbyggeri, the tables RAV-O and ALM-S are developed for small series. No additional means were used other than traditional craftmenship combined with new concepts.


WAL-K is the first unique art-table, soon to be followed by TRI-V and BUT-Y…


FURNATURE invites the richness in shapes of nature and the raw beauty of wood into our living surroundings.

FURNATURE is extracted from the work of

a series of installations called ‘Archinatures’

an ongoing research, through open source design processes in order to create sustainable surroundings for people to live in.


– ‘Archinature’ – installation Pecci museum Florence 2012 in the exhibition ‘Triggering Reality’

– ‘Nestionia’ – nest installations in Tartu as part of a landscape art festival 2007

– ‘Nest’ – main project in DORP, innovation camp for the festival “Welcome to Village 2015, Leeuwarden”

– ‘Smack bang’ – palletscape, 2010, Helsingborg

– ‘Subscape’ – idea camp, September 2015, Subtopia, Stockholm


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FURNATURE © Alex van de Beld 2016